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The Cupcake Revolution

The humble cupcake has grown in popularity, not to mention complexity, since its first mention in 1769 by American Cookery writer Amelia Simmons. It was then verbosely titled “a cake to be baked in small cups”: the term cupcake didn’t appear in print till 1828. Much plainer than the elaborate varieties we see today, cupcakes would be baked in individual pottery cups, ramekins or moulds before serving.

The HBO TV series Sex and the City is widely credited with kicking off the resurgence of the cupcakes popularity until now they are overtaking flapjacks to become a serious rival to biscuit sales. Dedicated cupcake bakeries, or cupcakeries, are now big business and designs have become increasingly elaborate. A multi-tiered wedding cake was recently constructed comprising only cupcakes and there is even now a worldwide cupcake camp where like-minded individuals meet yearly to enjoy the fancy fondants in the open air.

As high-street sales of ready-made cupcakes have steadily risen, so has the number of home-baking products sold within the UK. Inspired by the sight of so many beautifully decorated cakes, people are beginning to become more and more interested in the idea of creating their own at home. Cupcake parties have become popular; plain cupcakes are served to guests who then decorate their own with the selection of toppings, frostings, icings and jams provided. This is an incredibly fun way of eating and can be a great ice-breaker, suited to adults and children alike.

Of course, presentation is just as important as taste. A cupcake should be highly attractive to the eye and often the first thing that is noticed is the casing. Plain white or coloured cake cases have their place but, for the cupcake, something a little more vivid and individualistic is required. Bake-O-Glide supply a range of unique, funky designs along with a host of other cookware, baking tools and gadgets. Manufactured in Sweden, our Truly Scrumptious cupcake-case designs are incredibly attractive and conform rigidly to FDA and European safety standards, making the use of a bun or muffin tin unnecessary. The standard size is available on a hanging card of 48 or in a cube of 80 while the larger size is available in a cube of 48 cases. A jumbo size is also available in a pack of 24.

As with all of our products, these cases are manufactured to the highest standard yet competitively priced. Teamed with our impeccable customer service record and over 20 years experience, this makes us the natural choice for superior, quality cookware products. For more information on our range, please contact a member of our dedicated team who can quickly help your business take advantage of the cupcake revolution. 

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