Bake-O-Mesh Black Basket - Bake-O-Glide
Bake-O-Mesh Black Basket - Bake-O-Glide®

Bake-O-Mesh Black Basket

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Product Information

The Bake-O-Mesh Basket is a reusable, non-stick basket designed for cooking and baking. The mesh design allows for airflow all around your food item, unlike a conventional cooking & baking tray, which is solid on the bottom. This prevents the bottom of your food from becoming soggy, maintaining a crispier exterior. Perfect for chips, chicken tenders, pastries or reheating leftovers. Great for roast meat and vegetables.

Can be used either with or without a baking tray. This usually depends on the food being cooked and the amount of fats, sauce or juices within the food.

The mesh design allows for any fats, juices, or any other residues to potentially drip down into the oven's base or onto another tray. To address this, we recommend placing the Bake-O-Mesh Basket on a shelf above a Bake-O-Glide® Extra Thick Oven Liner.

Max. Working Temperature: 260°C / 500°F

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