HG Kitchen Drain and Plug Unblocker 1L

HG Kitchen Drain and Plug Unblocker 1L

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Product Information

Effective and natural sink unblocker liquid.

HG kitchen drain and plug unblocker is formulated to eliminate blocked drains and pipes caused by accumulation of hardened grease and food debris. This professional solution utilises selected natural enzymes and microbes to break down the blockage while being environmentally friendly. It also provides enhanced bacteria population in septic tanks and reducers bad odours for extended periods.

  • For persistent blockages caused by fat and food remnants
  • Professional enzyme formula
  • Biodegradable
  • 1000ml
How does this sink unblocker work?

Complete the following steps to unclog a blocked sink with HG kitchen drain and plug unblocker.

  1. Allow some lukewarm water to run into the blocked sink before treatment.
  2. Pour 300ml of the HG kitchen drain and plug unblocker onto the drain of the blocked sink.
  3. Now pour down the same amount of lukewarm water in order to activate the enzymes and microbes in the unblocker.
  4. Leave the kitchen drain unblocker for 6 to 8 hours to do its job before running water down the drain again.

This product is also a sink drain cleaner. Twice a month, pour a dash of HG Kitchen Drain and Plug Unblocker down the drain, preferably in the evening, and leave it overnight in order to prevent blockages or bad odours.

Product Safety Data Sheet

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